Independence Day

So, I don’t have a Diagnosis,  sue me.
So, my whole family of NT’s would likely find it some sort of breach of sanity or the Law to dare to start a blog entitled ChristianAspieMom when I’ve not yet garnered the proper title by the proper, well paid and accredited, completely disinterested Dr looking straight through me, seeing only the polished level of fake social politeness I learned at an early age to avoid the physical and emotional abuse of those around me who’d call me a freak if I dared to just “let it all out.”
So what.
So, they may read this someday and take offense.
So, that’s their choice.
We are called to not be easily offended.
Something my excruciatingly sensitive self has always and may always, struggle with immensely.
That’s ok.
I’m offended.
I’m offended by a sea of people expecting me to fit my diamond-shaped self into their cube shaped mold.
I can’t!
And I won’t pretend to anymore to make them comfortable.
Ok, maybe I will from time to time to make them comfortable,
just as I hope someday they will show a bit more care to us aspies
and what makes us tick,
and freak,
and feel better.
And, I may try to act as “normal” as I can when my kids have friends over. As not to embarrass them.
Maybe I won’t.
Maybe I’ll be a part of the change I want to see, letting my” freak flag fly”, if you will, so that the next generation will be inclined to believe there are all sorts of fun and different ways of being. Of feeling, of expressing, of doing, of seeing, of hearing. The world is Full of creatures and people who God designed to each have a uniquely different and Needed and Beautiful point if view.
I want to bring Glory to Christ by shining the light He gave me .
I will bring Him nothing if I burn myself our trying to please others.
By being more like them.
Instead of being more like Him.
Instead of being the Me He’s called me to be.
But to do this, I must be Brave.
I must learn to care less and less about how others see me, of how comfortable or uncomfortable i make them, and more and more about what the Father expects of me during my brief stay here on planet Earth.
Just like Jesus.
Have you read the Bible?!
He did endless things others considered weird, wrong, insane, corrupt.
But He did His job.
And He did it Perfectly.
Because He had an audience of
The only One who matters.
He did what He saw His Father do.
No matter how much of a social outcast it made Him.
No matter the pain it caused Him.
And if I am to Truly Deny myself , pick up my cross and Follow Him…
Well then, I must live in exactly the same manner.
So, who’s with me??
Who else will claim Today as their Independence Day?!
It may make people around you uncomfortable, which may make You uncomfortable…
But I can think of One person who would be really proud of you…
My name is Rebekah. I am on Fire for Christ more than ever after He saved me from a sudden cardiac arrest a year ago. I am facing a second heart ablation within the next few weeks.. I am also a homeschooling mom of five daughters under nine.
And I have just realized I am an Aspie.
I’d like to share my wisdom, experiences and encouragement and would Love if you’d join the ChristianAspieMom sisterhood, and do the same!
I will be tackling tough questions like, how do I stop freaking out on my kids when I’m overloaded? How can I Honor Him when my brains inability to process as others do leaves me looking and feeling vulnerable and weak? What about the weight of guilt that threatens to crush me every time I mess up, Again, with my precious, precious kids?
And, how do I be a Great Christian mom and wife in a world poisoned and bent on calling everything wrong, Right, and everything Right, Wrong?
Let nothing define us But Him.
We are His hands and feet, His Warrior Princesses.
Let’s do this!!

1 Corinthians 10:31Amplified Bible (AMP)

31 So then, whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do all to the glory of [our great] God.

Warm hugs, and dark chocolate bars,
Sisters Forever,

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